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Construction Law and Commercial Advice with no spin and a no-nonsense approach.
We are the “anti-lawyers” – quality outcomes without the arrogance and the extravagant rates.

Experienced construction lawyers and commercial project consultants

We are here to help clients through the pitfalls of the construction industry. We are recognised within the industry as people that work side-by-side with you – whether you are a principal, contractor or subcontractor.

Let us know how we can solve your problem today.

Common sense construction advice

Level Field Lawyers and Consultants are a Queensland-based law firm and commercial consultancy headed by experienced lawyer, Tom Cranitch and contract management specialist, Mike Waldie. They are supported by a team of professionals who unashamedly do things a little differently from other legal practices and consultancies.

Our approach is to solve problems, not to create them.

We provide common sense advice and solutions.

No-nonsense in their approach

The team at Level Field are always on the mark with their advice and solutions. I like how they get straight to the heart of an issue and then provide a practical approach to resolve it. They are no-nonsense in their approach and are very good people to deal with. 

Rob Pickard – BMD Constructions

Invaluable partner for our business

Level Field Lawyers and Consultants are an invaluable partner for our business. They are always on the mark with their considered advice, which stems from a deep knowledge of the construction sector and commercial acumen, combined with a strong understanding of our culture and relationship approach to doing business.

Michael McNab, Managing Director – McNab Construction Group

Felt at ease

We are a medium-sized construction company who have recently taken on some larger contracts and needed a legal firm to guide us through some necessary steps to ensure we had the right procedures in place. From the moment we started communication with Level Field we felt at ease about the road-map they supplied and confident in the way we could easily deploy their recommendations.

Matt Dryden

About Level Field


Level Field Lawyers and Consultants are a Queensland-based incorporated legal practice and commercial consultancy that specialises in building and construction matters. Like you, we are not fans of legal disputes so our expertise extends beyond traditional legal services. We can help your construction project avoid disputes from the start as well as assisting your team to get operations back on track when the wheels are falling off.

Check out our general consulting page to see what else we can do to help take away your problems and keep you out of the court room.